Stop Geoengineering

Legal Defense Fund


We need your help to STOP GEOENGINEERING!

Stop Geoengineering MN is excited to help begin litigation to stop geoengineering. Our research has led us to conclude that lawsuits, and a public relations campaign, are the needed next steps to change things in America on this issue. To move forward with this, we need your help. We think that we've all had similar experiences when we try to spread information about geoengineering—that awkward pause in the conversation or outright hostility from others, even family members. The sickening feeling in the pit of our stomachs when we watch an airplane spraying horizon to horizon knowing there is nothing much we can do. Stop Geoengineering Minnesota has been using and will continue to use any funds donated to support litigation both in the United States and internationally. The pending lawsuits are a real opportunity for all of us to do something: to make it clear we want toxic chemical spraying to stop. We can, and will, demand our clear skies back through litigation.  Your financial contribution will make a direct impact on our ability to take these next steps.

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